Our History

Our History - Digital Check

Digital Check maintains an unrivaled legacy of working with optics and images. Since our founding in 1959, we’ve built cameras for NASA, editing projectors for Hollywood, phototypesetters for the newspaper industry, flight-simulator components for the Air Force, and much more. Throughout our history of invention, all of our products have been assembled and tested in the U.S.A. to the highest standards of manufacturing.

Our Process

Built Right, Here.

Want near-zero exception items, nearly-unbreakable check scanners, and more time to focus on higher value activities? Digital Check builds the solutions you need to succeed. Our strict adherence to a proven set of procedures has helped us become the leading RDC scanner provider in the world.

Customer Feedback

We embrace feedback from end users about what works and what doesn’t, and these learnings ensure that our scanners and software applications contain all of the most relevant imaging technology.

Market Foresight

Our global network of business partners and bank customers alert us to emerging trends in payments and financial industry. This vision informs the design theory for new product development.

Engineering and Manufacturing in Southern California

Disciplined management of supply chain vendors ensures that our premium image-capture products are built with the highest-grade components and at the most competitive prices. 100% Quality Assurance testing upholds our reputation for quality and durability.

Our People